Who Can Post?
All members of the Slow Food Carleton Convivium may post on the main blog.

How Do I Post?
To post, first go to and create an account (it’s easy, fast, and only requires a username and email. Unless you want to create your own blog, select “just give me a username”). Then, email Steph (krolls), and she’ll add you as a user. Now you can post on the blog! Go to, log in, and select sfcarleton. It should bring you to a screen where you can type up a new entry.

What Should I Post?
Anything related to slow food: photos from slow food events, recipes, photos of you and your friends cooking, the story of your really awesome experience at a farm/in a restaurant/exploring food abroad.

Make sure to use the categories correctly (to make browsing for other people easier). You should place your post in one (or more) of the following categories: events, recipes, photos, or stories. For example, if I were to post pictures of Rachel and I making Sunday brunch at Dacie Moses and include a recipe for strawberry cobbler, I’d place it in the photos and recipes categories.

Questions? Confusion? Problems? Email Steph (krolls), and she’ll be happy to help you.


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