The core members of the Slow Food Carleton Convivium are dedicated members of the convivium. They participate actively in the organization and often take on leadership roles and responsibilities. Also, they represent the group in special events such as this year’s exciting trip to Slow Food Nation in San Francisco. If you are interested in becoming a core member, please contact Saeyoon Baik (baiks).

The Core Members (bios coming soon!)

Saeyoon Baik (2008)

Tricia England (2008)

Vanessa Garver (2009)

Stephanie Kroll (2008)

Rachel Klein (2008)

Piaomu Liu (2009)

Avery Morrow (2010)

Khanh Nguyen (2009)

Bethany Saperstein (2009)

Zoe Schwartz (2008)

Hillary Weiner (2011)

 Xiaozhou Zhu (2010)


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