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Halloween Special Iron Chef Carleton

Become the Iron chef and win the chef costume for Halloween!
Two teams of three members will compete for the title on Saturday October 27th, 2007
The competition starts at 5pm at Culinary House.
The ingredients will be provided, but participants are allowed to bring one secret ingredient and personal cooking equipment.

Sign up as a team of three by sending email to

Also! Don’t forget we’re selling the International Festival Cookbook in the bookstore:

Loved the foods at the International Festival last spring?
Want to know the recipes and share them with others?

The International Festival Cookbook is now available at Carleton bookstore for $4.95

Happy Friday!


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CSA Funding

Guess what! We just got CSA funding for our guest chef lunches! This means that starting this Saturday we will have bi-weekly lunches at Culinary House. Two people will sign up to make lunch for about 20 guests, with our $70 budget to pay for ingredients. People come and relax with some delicious food and great company. Sound awesome? Go to the Events section to sign up to cook or eat!

— Steph

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More Updates

Hello, everyone! ‘Tis I, Steph, here to let you know what is going on with the blog. The Events section is up and running complete with a Google calendar and a sign-up page for our guest chef Saturday lunches. I’ve also created a bookshelf section (check under extras) where you can post up reading recommendations and book reviews. The links section (also under extras) is up too, with some cool links to both useful (Slow Food USA, WWOOF) and fun (a social networking site for bakers?!) websites.

Also, could all core members please send me (krolls) what information they would like me to have on their bios on the member’s page? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just some exciting facts about yourself.

Don’t forget to register! We want to make this blog as interactive as possible! Have a great weekend!

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Hello, everyone! Steph here, your new web manager. I’ve been hard at work on making our blog an awesome place where all Slow Food members can interact. I’ve been thinking that instead of just using the blog to post updates, we can use it to post Slow Food-related things going on in our lives: recipes, cooking adventures, stories, food-related news snippets, etc. I’m also working on making a section for media recommendations (books, etc.). Check out the “Posting” section for more info. Also, if you have any ideas, please comment and let me know or email me (krolls). Let’s make this year an awesome year for Slow Food!

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We're the Slow Food Carleton Convivium, a college branch of Slow Food USA (see about section to learn more.). This blog is a place for members to post news, recipes, photos, and other slow food related stories. Have fun!