Slow Food Related Links
Slow Food
Slow Food International website

Slow Food USA
Slow Food USA website.

Just Food Co-op
Northfield’s very own Co-op. Check out what’s going on in the Northfield community!

Other Organizations
Want to learn more about organic farming? Like exploring other countries? WWOOF, World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, puts you in touch with farmers around the world willing to take on volunteers and offer them room and board.

Just For Fun
It’s like myspace for cooks. Set up a profile, upload recipes and photos, chat with food-loving folks.

The Post Punk Kitchen
Isa is the goddess of vegan food, and her website has oodles of really creative recipes sure to please anyone’s palate, vegan or otherwise.

Naughty Curry
A group of friends on a quest to revolutionize the world with spices! Experimenting with everything they can get their hands on, be it Indian food or boxed Mac ‘N Cheese, they create incredible spice blends and recipes that are relatively easy and quite delicious.

The Cupcake Bake Shop
Using surprising ingredients such as jack fruit, red bean paste, and rose petal jelly, Chockylit strives to make the best cupcakes you’ve ever tasted. From green tea cupcakes with bubble tea filling to dark chocolate truffle to cantaloupe and honeydew cupcakes topped with white chocolate-cardamom butter cream, her creative recipes never fail to amuse, amaze, and tantalize.

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