Meeting Note (Spring 08 2nd Wk)

April 11, 2008 at 9:35 pm Leave a comment

Meetings: Thursdays 9:00
Cheese tasting: Saturday, April 26th Upper Sayles at 4:00 for the public.  We’ll let you know later when you should come.  Do you
have a boombox we could borrow?  If you do, contact millerm.
Next meeting (April 24 9:00): Officer elections!  Do 15 minutes of research on coffee production, and tell us something you learned.

Piaomu, can you please put up a notice on Facebook for the cheese tasting?

4-10 Slow Food Meeting Minutes

Tonight, we discussed the cheese tasting.  It will be held on the fourth Saturday of term, April 26th, in Upper Sayles at 4:00.  Note: Saturday.  There will be seventeen types of cheese plus crackers, if we are able to get the Budget Committee to approve the $200 Xiaozhou will be asking for next week.  Thank you, Xiaozhou!  We assume all shall go well.  Saeyoon will be making posters which Hillary and Michelle will be putting up.  Thank you, Saeyoon!  Hillary and Michelle will also be going to pick up the cheese from Surdyk’s.  Thank you, Hillary!  Adelle will be putting up notices on the online calendar, all campus e-mail, and the Noon News Bulletin.  Thank you, Adelle!  Piaomu, can you please put up notices on Facebook?  We’d appreciate that.

Do you have a boombox we could borrow to add some music to jazz the scene up a little?  If you do, contact millerm.  We’d be very grateful.  If not, we’ll ask Campus Activities when we ask about tablecloths.  There are already tables in Upper Sayles.  We will be cutting up the cheese that day beforehand, but we are not sure yet as to when everyone should arrive.  We’ll keep you posted.

Also, regular meetings are now on Thursdays at 9:00.  Note: 9:00.  Mark your calendars!

Only five people showed up tonight.  Could we please get a better showing next meeting?  It’s fourth Thursday (April 24th).  Because next meeting, we will be holding an election for officer positions!  So start thinking about that now!  We will also discuss the picnic  (6th or 8th week’s Saturday afternoon) next meeting and coffee again.  Hillary was unfortunately unable to obtain the movie for us, so instead, we ask you to take fifteen minutes out of a day between now and the next meeting to do a little research on coffee production.  From the growing to the roasting, it doesn’t matter what you research; just come tell us one thing you learned from your research next meeting.


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